Channel O Top 50


The Channel O Top 50 Countdown is the most anticipated count-down of the tracks that we enjoyed the most as they battle for the number one spot. Counting down to a chart with both local and international songs, the question remains “Who gets to dominate the charts?”

Post the 90% local music blueprint that once ruled on radio, the Channel O Top 50 Countdown celebrates songs with some of the most creative and daring music videos. Not only are the music videos of a premium quality and at a dynamic creative level, but they also have the advantage of being introduced through exceptional delivery by seasoned host, Zulu “Dash” Mkhathini.

Shot in Mpumalanga in 2016, Mauritius in 2017 and at the Hartebeesport Dam in 2018, the striking locations of the Channel O Top 50 Countdown make the process of curating the production a creatively exciting experience.

Channel O Top 50 2018

The BarLeader team presented a concept to Channel O which involved exploring surrealism, whim and the realm of the supernatural. We aimed to thematically enhance the dull and mundane idea of presenter links and break the stereotypes of telling stories visually. With 2018 being the year of breaking boundaries, we opted to take a more intriguing approach to the visual medium of what The Channel O Top 50 Countdown has become known for.

Final Product

2018 Countdown

The Challenge

The quest to produce a better production than we did in 2017 as the objective is always to outdo ourselves.

Utilising various surfaces, land and water, in order to produce visuals that were out of the box.

The Solution

We developed a theme that came-to-life through a laser blue inspired colour palette that complemented this theme

The Channel O Top 50 Countdown, given The BarLeader treatment, has become the blueprint for packaging the soundtracks to our lives.

Channel O Top 50 2017

The intention behind The Channel O Top 50 Countdown production is for The BarLeader to constantly raise its own bar. In 2017 we cruised the shores of Mauritius, and scoured the colourful lifestyle of the South Pacific Island, in refreshing and visually striking manner.

We developed a theme that came-to-life through a laser blue inspired colour palette that complemented our visual strategy.

Final Product


2017 Countdown

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