Living The Dream with Somizi


While Somizi Mhlongo was already a larger than life figure on South African screens, his now cult-classic reality show changed his profile and the picture of South African reality TV forever. Kicking off at the peak of his illustrious local and international career, the show drew out his family dynamics, battles against misrepresentation and stereotypes, and even his (previously) extremely private love life, the show enabled fans and foes to get to know the real  Somizi.  Despite some backlash from conservative viewers, the show also opened up a space for discussion, debate and learning where the LGBTIQA+ community is concerned.

The Brief:

Season One of Living the dream with Somizi was an instant hit the Mzansi Magic viewers as Somizi Mhlongo gave them a glimpse into his life. The Challenge for season two was how to raise the bar on the quality of production and still keep the candidness of Somizi that kept viewers coming back for more. The second seasons biggest challenge and brief was how do we pick up from season ones story line and well represent the superstar as he maintains his dreams. This all needed to shine through whilst still showing him as a father, loving son and adorable friend, who was in the pursuit of love.

Final Product

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