VUZU: Rich Kids


Rich Kids is one of those shows whose biggest selling point is its fantastic ‘love to hate’ quality. Tracking the everyday lives of South Africa’s most bougie kids, the show took what only existed as an Instagram sb group and Twitter trend and pushed it into the national TV agenda.  For the MTV Cribs and Pimp My Ride generation, Rich Kids presented a distinctively South African introduction to wealth and fame. In a post apartheid space, where the term ‘Black Diamond’ is bandied about in the public, Rich Kids put a face to the rising class of black, wealthy young people.

The Brief:

With the credibility of the first season of Rich Kids being put into question, The BarLeader’s challenge was to first identify these young millionaires, be they self-made, new money or generational wealthy. The second challenge was to present a different approach of profiling these kids giving it an authentic feel, all whilst still seeing these kids splurging on fine art, wine, supercars, and expensive jewels, clothing, trips and luxury apartments. The last challenge was to uncover their stories allowing the channel to engage the audience in authentic three dimensional South African stories.

Final Product

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